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Businessperson of the Year

2022 Annual Meeting & Awards Ceremony

Each spring, the Louisa County Chamber of Commerce awards the annual Businessperson of the Year for outstanding achievements and contributions to Louisa County.

This award recognizes those individuals who have demonstrated exceptional performance and/or leadership within our business community. While this award is typically bestowed upon a business owner or executive from one of our local businesses, this award can also be given to individuals or groups that have helped the business community prosper over the past year through their dedication, advocacy, volunteerism, or philanthropy. Ultimately, the Businessperson or Persons of the Year, as may be the case, are among the very best of our business community. They fuel the engine of our economic prosperity, which helps improve the quality of life for the people of our county.

2022 Businessperson of the Year

wesley family

Congratulations Wesley Chiles!


1985-2021 Recipients


Board Liaison
Louisa Chamber of Commerce

<b>Dan Moskowitz</b> <br />Blue Ridge Bank
Dan Moskowitz
Blue Ridge Bank

Businessperson of the Year

<b>Laura Watts</b><br />Lake Anna Real Estate Group
Laura Watts
Lake Anna Real Estate Group

Committee Members

Stephanie Koren, Lake Anna Tractor & Hardware
Robin Wheeler, Lake Anna Real Estate Group
Debbie Newman, Petite Taway, Inc.
Michelle Fowler, Transformative Coaching 

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