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Chair: Casey Hollins

Rappahannock Electric Cooperative

<b>Casey Hollins</b></i><br />Rappahannock Electric Cooperative
Casey Hollins
Rappahonnock Electric Cooperative

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Vice Chair: Melanie Baker

Shenandoah Crossing Resort

<b>Melanie Baker</b></i><br />Shenandoah Crossing Resort
Melanie Baker
Shenandoah Crossing Resort

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Secretary:  Meryl Clark

Prestige Global Meeting Source

<b>Meryl Clark</b></i><br />Prestige Global Meeting Source
Meryl Clark
Prestige Global Meeting Source

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Treasurer:  John Pope

Cooling Pond Brewery

<b>John Pope</b><br />Cooling Pond Brewery
John Pope
Cooling Pond Brewery

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<b>Tammy Boxley</b></i><br />Out of the Box Catering
Tammy Boxley
Out of the Box Catering
Ron Bricker</b><br />
Fluvanna/Louisa Housing Foundation
Ron Bricker
Fluvanna/Louisa Housing Foundation
<b>Sarah Marshall</b><br /> <i> Vice Chair</i><br />Dominion Energy
Sarah Marshall
Vice Chair
Dominion Energy
<b>Philip Gould</b></i><br />Blue Ridge Bank
Philip Gould
Blue Ridge Bank
<b>Pam Quarles</b></i><br />UVA Community Credit Union
Pam Quarles
UVA Community Credit Union
<b>Nate Wash</b></i><br />Haymaker Auto Repair
Nate Wash
Haymaker Auto Repair
<b>Valerie Washington</b><br /> <i>Treasurer</i><br />Piedmont Regional Education Program
Valerie Washington
Piedmont Regional Education Program
<b>Billy Wayson</b></i><br />Gracespring
Billy Wayson

Executive Director: Tracy Hale Clark

A walking excitement seminar focused on making an impact.

Tracy’s sales and marketing expertise, coupled with her passion for people and fun, inspires others to overcome their fears, believe in possibilities, and build partnerships to lift the community.

Prior to joining the Louisa Chamber, Tracy traveled the country working with various Chamber of Commerce organizations, the US Junior Chamber of Commerce, and more than two hundred local, regional, and national nonprofit programs and over one-thousand events developing strategies and programs for volunteer engagement, event management, and increased fundraising.

Tracy holds a bachelor’s degree in marketing from Virginia Commonwealth of Virginia. She serves on the Board of Directors for the Virginia Association of Chamber of Commerce Executives. She loves being an aunt and grand aunt and travels with family and friends as often as possible. She is always on the go, curious to meet new people and gain new experiences.

Tracy Hale Clark </b><br />Executive Director
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