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Whether you are a resident, new homeowner, visitor or business prospect, we invite you to enjoy our beautiful community and all it has to offer.

Ideally situated in the center of a triangle formed by Charlottesville, Richmond and Fredericksburg, Louisa County is a prime location for residents and businesses alike. Low tax rates, rail service and convenient access to interstates and primary U.S. highways make it easy to live and work in Louisa County.

The Zion Crossroads area at I-64 and U.S. Route 15 has been the focal point of increased economic growth in the form of residential, commercial and industrial businesses, and parks. A 1,200-home golf community, hotel, restaurant, bank, credit union, dental office building, and nationally-known home improvement and discount stores have all located in the area.  Several business parks, retail centers, and a 900,000-square-foot national distribution center are also based there. A new James River water treatment facility is being engineered to supply an additional 1.5 million gallons per day, expandable to three million.

The towns of Louisa and Mineral, which continue to serve as the central hubs of commerce and community, are also experiencing growth and changes with the addition of several national retail stores, unique shops, restaurants and businesses. The seat of county government is based in the town of Louisa.

The historic Louisa Courthouse is a prominent feature in the town of Louisa, and in its past was the gathering place of local residents during March Court Days.  Here you will find the Louisa Arts Center, Sargeant Museum and other points of interest.  Originally named Tolersville, the town of Mineral adopted its present name when it incorporated in 1902 because of the mining industry that supported the community. Mineral was the center of gold mining activity in Louisa County, and during its peak, there were more than 15 gold mines within two miles of the town. Zinc and lead were also mined in the area as late as the 1970s.

Every year, the 13,000-acre Lake Anna lures travelers to its shores for boating, water sports and some of the best bass fishing in the state. The lake has been a growing region in the county since it was built decades ago to cool the turbines at North Anna Nuclear Power Station. Framing the Lake Anna community are numerous waterfront subdivisions containing year-round and weekend homes.

Agriculture remains an important part of Louisa County’s business landscape, with numerous farms dotting the surrounding countryside, producing livestock, timber, wine, and crops. Our rich farming tradition is celebrated annually during the Louisa County Agricultural Fair.

A vibrant history also exists in our community. The largest all-cavalry battle fought during the Civil War took place on local farmland, some of which is being preserved by a local historical organization. Patrick Henry, who practiced law here, was Louisa County’s representative in the House of Burgesses when he introduced the Virginia Stamp Act Resolutions prior to the Revolutionary War.  The 14,000-acre Green Springs National Historic Landmark District, noted for its unblemished agrarian beauty and concentration of 250 original 18th and 19th-century homes, is also located in Louisa County. Cyrus McCormick tested his reapers on the wheat fields of Green Springs in the early 1840s.

Louisa County offers a variety of amenities to its residents and tourists while maintaining its small-town charm and friendliness. The quality of life in our community is outstanding, with a top-notch school system, the thriving arts community, skilled workforce and a wide variety of recreational opportunities.

Since its establishment in 1927, the Louisa County Chamber of Commerce has worked to serve the entire business community of the County of Louisa, including the Town of Mineral, Town of Louisa and, after its formation in the late 1960s, the Lake Anna business community.

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